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I.M. Satisfied 3 Dec 2021

It is easy to satisfy my taste. Or perhaps not? I like a great variety of foods. Where it concerns the taste, I am easy to satisfy. The quantity is by times a bigger problem. It is not always easy to stop eating things which I like. And it is not just about peanuts, chips or ice-cream. In general, I eat too much and certainly more than needed.
There is by times social pressure. It is still I myself who eats.

Own Expectations

It needs some honesty to admit that there are more things where I am dissatisfied with myself. One of those things is the effectiveness of my website. It appears to me that it does not help me to get connected to more persons with interests similar to mine.
It is already for a long time that I seek for ways to improve the website. I really would like to cooperate with at least one other person to debate with about changes. I keep trying!


Father God, direct me! You can do it, please satisfy my faith.

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