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I.M. Sad 1 Dec 2021

What would make me sad? Sad events would be a reasonable answer. And yes, that is correct. Such sadness does have a good reason. It appears to me, that there is a lot of sadness in the world with not such a clear reason.
I know people who had as teenager and young adolescent a beautiful smile. After they had developed a romantic relationship this smile disappeared forever. Why? How many people above 30 years of age have a natural smile or happiness?


Among the fruits of the Holy Spirit (Galatians 5,22) is Joy. Why are so few people displaying joy to the world?
The worries of the world rule my life. I need to perform before I can be happy. I need to be loved before I can be happy. I need to know everything before I can be happy.
Yes, it is sad, sad and sad.


Material poverty could be a valid reason for worries and a degree of sadness. I assume there are other forms of poverty causing sadness. For today I choose two possible reasons:
- Not being loved and accepted by a caring community around me.
- Being disappointed with myself.

With both of those reasons, I recommend to seek, ask and knock. It urgently needs a solution.


Father God, today I ask, seek and knock at your door. Teach me the way to joy!

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