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I.M. Flaky 31 Dec 2020

It is not yet 2021. It is still a little bit 2020. In the early days of of 2021 I am sure I will on a few occasion write 2020 instead of 2021.
Flaky is an adjective describing unreliable, broken, not trusted.

Unintended Start

I doubt. I am not sure how the other person will respond. It is a kind of procrastination ending with missing my appointment.
And next I do not care at all.

Leaving Pain

As a result of my flaky behaviour someone got hurt. I am not trustworthy. I let someone down. I can't fix it anymore.

Self Image

I have as well damaged my self image. I did not just let down another person. I also damaged my own trust in myself. I hate myself for my unfriendly behaviour.


Jesus Christ, my saviour. I come to you with all my broken promises. I have hurt others and myself. I bring to you all my feelings of guilt and shame. Help me to forgive myself and to make repair where possible.
I like to include the many times of procrastination. Guide me in being more decisive and active. Restore unto me the joy of your salvation (Ps 51.)


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