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I.M. Fixated 30 Dec 2020

Fixated could be being obsessed by a certain thought, problem or person. My camera can't move. It is frozen. And therefore I miss a lot of other observations. Actually something fixated - except for a specific purpose - is broken, blind, defect.


My friend is telling a story. Halfway, a certain detail triggers my attention. I get fixated at that detail. It keeps my mind busy. My ears close ... and I can't tell how the story of my friend ends.
That is not a friendly listening. I can choose to step out of my fixation and refocus on the story. I may write the detail of fixation on a paper and think later about it. I also can interrupt my friend and ask a question. Simple, huh?

Not Aware

The problem is however that I do not realize that I am fixated. I may be so blocked by smaller or bigger problems, that I forget to live with joy.
Reflection makes me aware of things I usually do not observe. It is taking time to be quiet and to slowly think, meditate around some suitable questions or issues.


When I know that I am working on problems where my mind loves to get fixated, I plan my day. I choose that I am going to solve a few other points on my agenda as well. And strange enough, the planned interruptions help to solve the issues where I am blocked.


I like to ask God insight where my life is fixated. I like to refocus on what has value for others around. I as well pray for the fixation in my communities and my church. Father God get me rid from an extreme focus on rituals, liturgy and religious thinking.
Jesus Christ, please redeem me from fears, prides and excuses which cause fixation.


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