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I.M. Fit 29 Dec 2020

Today's question is, what I am fit for? Which task suits to my skills and capabilities? The question is important because that may be expected the very thing which makes me happy.

Gifts And Tasks

God creates things for a purpose. At top level, to bring Glory to God. Perhaps that could be to make God shine and happy. A son or daughter can make a parent happy. The Children of God should give pleasure to God. They can refuse to please to God.
When God calls me for a task He wants to equip me for that task. I can refuse the gift of God. The gifts of God's Spirit however do fit perfectly to the work God calls me to do. For my pleasure and for His pleasure.

Not Fit

When I am lazy or ignorant I am not fit for anything. God seeks responsible children. Responsible sounds a lot like 'to respond'. I take up a task fitting to my life and my calling.
It is almost impossible to be fit for a more complicated task without a purpose, instruction and means. God loves to equip me, so that I can become fit for life. I need to explore my God given talents and gifts. I need to ask God for a purpose for my life.
Finally, I am not called to work separate from the team where God wants me to be part of. In this context teams can as well be church or Christian community.


Dear Holy Spirit, voice of God, I want to know you. Please clarify my calling and what program I need for training. I like to live for the pleasure and glory of my heavenly Father.


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