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I.M. Finished 28 Dec 2020

In this modern time few things are 'finished'. Everything I care for could use some smaller or bigger improvements. And not to forget there is maintenance and repairs.

It feels Good

Finishing and preferably completing a project is uplifting. It is nice to see the results of the work I have done. Time to say goodbye to some team members. Time for a break. Time to start new things.

Good Night

Every evening when I go to sleep I finish a day. It is never that I look back with disgust on my day. Incidentally I end my day with a heavy conversation, when I am honest perhaps a quarrel. I know that after a good sleep new opportunities will come.
Therefore I do appreciate so much that God lets finish my days. I get my break. I pray. I wish Millet a good night. I sleep.


Father God, I thank you for the day by day new opportunities in life. I know that my days are not always effective. I pray that the Holy Spirit opens each day afresh my 'eye of love' for opportunities to care for a good work.


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