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I.M. Fed Up 27 Dec 2020

Being fed up is often a mutual emotion. I am not the only one who is fed up, frustrated. Sure enough I do have the right to be fed up. I am a free man. Unfortunately, my response will be angry and unloving for I am fed up.
Of course I can smile with minor issues and relax.


I may step out of the relationship. When I do not depend on the other party, that is easy. It still may hurt. I am not indifferent, because ... I am fed up.
Withdrawal, keeping silent, stopping the communication is certainly not productive. Apart from having a break, it does not bring healing or improvement, rather the opposite.

My Response

I may choose to be angry, hurt and or disappointed. It never feels good. Honestly, I do not like to feel those things. Therefore I seek a solution.
I may admit to my opponent that I am fed up. Either we need a solution with a better future or I finish with expecting a healthy relationship with the other party. I seek a new opportunity where I can be more productive.


Heavenly Father, where I am fed up, I pray for strength. I need a meaningful solution. If I am the one who caused trouble, please help me to discern where I messed up things. If I failed to be responsible, help me to seek repair. If not so, please guide me into a better future.


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