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I.M. Fearful 26 Dec 2020

Where is the man without fear? He is a fool. He does not realize what he is doing. Not so good is when I am dominated by fear. I should be controlled by love and trust.

Some Fears

1) fear to fail or ... to be successful
2) fear for intimacy
3) fear for getting older or to die
4) fear to change or to make decisions
5) fear for loneliness or to loose a loved one
6) to live my own life

I like the saying: 'We suffer most of the fears of things that will never happen.' That may be the issues we are aware of.

Usually I am unaware of my fears. I simply avoid them. Think a moment. Sometimes because of painful memories.
It is not pleasant to be dominated by my fears. It is a good step forward to know and recognize some of my fears. I write then down in a notebook. And I make effort to judge if my fears are realistic.
By times I ask myself, what would be the worst thing that could happen when a certain plan fails. Usually it is nothing which I could not manage!


Father God, I ask you to free me from nasty fears which hinder me to live freely. I thank you for the healing.


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