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I.M. Fast 24 Dec 2020

I love saint Paul's: "Run the race". When it is however about a lot of work to do, I realize there is a faster way than being fast. That quicker way is seeking more workers. And thus Jesus was smarter than saint Paul when He said: "Pray to the Lord of the harvest for more labourers."


Dearest Lord of the Harvest, please send more workers.

God's Answer

I already have sent them. And you did not employ them.


I am baptized into the body of Christ. Is that theology? I can't tell you. I am baptized in the name of the Father and the Son and the Holy Spirit. Theologians do not explain to me what that means. Surely I am not baptized to sleep in the church and to remain indifferent for the promptings of God.


It is Christmas. Am I going to welcome Jesus in my house, in my heart. To welcome Jesus means, to fully accept Jesus as my master, my-chief-in-command. Am I fast to obey? Do I really love my neighbour? Do I really prepare the way for more workers? Because teamwork is faster than fast.

Father God, I ask you that we as body of baptized believers take serious time to listen to what you are doing among us. Open our hearts to meet one another.


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