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I.M. Fashionable 23 Dec 2020

Fashion is big business. I am influenced by the current popular style. Sometimes I am not even given a choice.

Christmas Fashion

When it is about Christmas, I may be old fashioned. Fortunately there are unfashionable traditions. It is a celebration, a feast with rituals. This year some of my rituals are rudely disturbed.


No mass with Christmas. So what? What is the reason for me to celebrate mass. Jesus Christ has commanded: "Do this in memory of me." The 'this' is the breaking of the bread and the drinking of the cup.

Breaking of the Bread

Jesus gave his life for me. I am called similarly: to give my life for the others in this world. To feed them with the bread of life: Jesus Christ.

Drinking the Cup

There are two meanings:
1. For the forgiveness of my sins. It is a sacrifice, an offer of God.
2. Again I am asked: William, are you willing to sacrifice as well? Please participate in caring to spread the peace of God.

Am I Fashionable?

The fashion of Christians is to spread love and to spread the good news (gospel). I count my self among the beginners. I desire to learn. My favorite fashion model is Jesus, the man of suffering and sacrifice.


Jesus, you as my favorite model, guide me into the spirit of Christmas. That I may imitate your beauty.


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