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I.M. Fascinated 22 Dec 2020

When I was young I was fascinated by electric and electronic things. My fascination may have frustrated some relatives. No wonder later I became an electrical engineer.
When I grew older my interests broadened. At the age of 32 I had a conversion experience. God and his Holy Spirit came into my heart in totally fresh ways. Yes, my fascination changed. I no more wanted to work as an electronic engineer. I wanted to serve God, especially with spreading the 'good news' and 'building community'.


In my life my fascinations are inherited from my 'fathers'. My earthly father was as well interested in electronics. My heavenly Father is interested in good news and people.


Dreams and fascinations direct me. When I am fascinated, I want to know more. When I have learned more, I like to be involved in the dreams. I like to participate and relate to others with a similar interest. I want to learn from them. I am fascinated with what others can do and what I can't!


Father God may my fascinations connect me to others around with similar interests. Make us into teams for your glory. My number one fascination is how many, many people can find and enter the joy of the kingdom of God.


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