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I.M. Fallen 21 Dec 2020

Did you ever hear about a fallen man? For some strange reason there seem to be fallen women. In my opinion, the men are fake.
In the heavens, angels can fall. At least it has happened in the past. It is not about angels who were sent to the earth to help mankind. The fallen angels despise God and all that God cares about.

When I Fail

As usual I believe there are options when I mess up something:
1. I hate myself and others.
2. I learn from the situation.

Blaming others and or myself closes doors. I will fall from heaven into a hell. As long as I blame others, I continue to live in hell. It is hot, I am sweating, I am complaining, I am in the 'shit' (Sorry to all the polite British and Americans).

Dante's Inferno

Dante, a medieval Italian poet, wrote a beautiful work about hell: his Inferno. You can read a summary at Wikipedia Inferno of Dante.
With Dante's journey through hell, unfortunately, you will meet many Catholics.

There is hope. Dante ends with an escape from hell: at the easter morning.


Father God, I pray for Catholics (and of course others) who still prefer living in 'hell' above living in grace and peace. I pray that a new easter may dawn on me and them. Make us learners instead of blamers. Thank you Jesus.


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