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I.M. Faded 19 Dec 2020

The fate of all living things is death. Usually it is like gradually growing faint and disappearing into the nothingness. Is that so terrible?


The nature of things in this world is that things come into existence, live for a time and then stop to exist finally. What is the meaning of that?


In the case I make a serious fault in life, that may hurt a lot. Usually for a long time.
Now with and in Christ there is forgiveness. When I confess my sin to God, He forgives. And even more, He forgets. Every person in this world is welcome to be pardoned by God.
He knows my humanity. And because He loves and cares, I can turn to Him in my pain and need.


Dear God, to you I approach. Where I have pain, sorrow, fear, shame and sin, teach me to call on your name, so that my problems may fade away in your love. I ask that my tears may be turned into a harvest of good things.


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