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I.M. Fabulous 18 Dec 2020

Would I like to be Madonna? Nowadays nothing is impossible. A man quickly can be turned into a woman. Zip ... I am Madonna. I am beautiful, I am sexy, I can sing, I will travel over the world and I am rich.
Even Millet would not recognize me.


A fable is a story for children. It is too nice for the true world. It expresses however a thought with value. It makes people think and hopefully smile.


There is a need for stories. Even in my life. I do not have children. But still I should write down my own 'fables'. The good ones and the bad ones. Why the bad ones? I tend to ignore them and take them for granted. But some events in my life caused pain. There are things which I fear. And those are not fables. Those events - long 'forgotten' - stir up my emotions with today's similar happenings in my life. The 'feeling' is deeply and sadly stored in my soul and heart. It needs healing. Healing can only happen when I bring back my history into a memory. I do have better and more mature understanding in the present phase of my life. And I can realize that a big hurt or fear was perhaps just a tiny innocent mouse which frightened me. Then my fear and pain has become a fable. It is truly fabulous when such a transformation happens.


Jesus Christ, my all knowing hero, teach me how to transform my painful histories into fables which make me smile. I'd love to be a fabulous shining child of my heavenly Father.


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