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I.M. Exploited 15 Dec 2020

Have I been used by someone unfairly for his advantage? I believe the answer is simply a yes. Did it hurt? No. The reason is that usually I am unaware. I also may be ashamed to admit that I have been manipulated and abused.

As Soon As

However, once I realize that I have been exploited, it hurts. I may feel tricked. I may feel unworthy and dirty. Any feeling of being loved leaves. And a hate may creep in. It kills a trusted relationship.
More worse could be when I mistrust all relationships and life.


I am dependent if I need the love, home, security or finances provided by the abuser. For children this is devastating. If I am dependent I let the exploiter hurt me. I have no choice.

Towards Freedom

Seek help. A good friend whom you can trust may bring relief. Learn to confront the exploiter with his sickening attitude. Advice the exploiter to seek help.

If you are not dependent, cut the relationship with persistent (repeated) exploiters. Even when your income reduces.


Do I exploit myself? Silly question? Do I maltreat myself? Unfortunately: yes I do.
An example is when I enjoy outbursts of anger. What about when I hide behind fears and shames? When I show myself better than I am?
What am I doing when I refuse the help and care of a loving God? I stick in abusing my life. God desires to love me.


Father God, I want to know you love. Where I feel exploited by the world or whomever, please give me dreams and direction for a life that I can trust. I beg you for help. Show your mercy and power to me.


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