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I.M. Excused 14 Dec 2020

Do not excuse yourself. That is the advice of a great saint: Ignatius. In the gospel Jesus tells a sick-making story of people who refuse to participate in a wedding meal. They came with all kind of excuses. No, I am not excused. I am responsible and I fail by times.

Saying Sorry

I am also not excused to say sorry where needed. I am not perfect. And I can admit that.

Producing Fruit

I am called to produce fruit. And I am not excused. If I refuse to use the gifts and talents which God gave me, there are no excuses. I am under the judgment of God.


Jesus, help me to face the truth with joy and courage. The truth is that the fruits of my talents are little. Please guide me by your Holy Spirit. I beg you for help to grow. If you love me, please help.


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