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I.M. Excited 13 Dec 2020

Radio transmitters may have two stages: an exciter and a final power amplifier. The exciter builds the information, e.g. speech or music, in a radio signal of low power, strength. The final power amplifier increases the power into a strong radio wave which can travel around the world. Actually an antenna is needed to cast out the energy.


Similarly one DNA cell can split and multiply: that is called growth. Each DNA cell holds all essential information like the radio exciter above.
In principle, from the one man Adam, came forth all humanity. Pretty exciting.

The New Man

Jesus Christ is the model for a Christian life. He is my DNA or 'exciter'. Now the church is like the final radio amplifier. The church exists to produce fruit, to spread the DNA over the world, like mankind sprung forth from one man.
The church should amplify, grow. And from a few members should come forth many believers and doers of the word of God.
I am supposed to be an imitator, copy, of Christ. I am called to participate in doing all the works that Jesus Christ did himself.


Jesus, be my exciter. Plant your Spirit in me. And please help me to activate the final amplification: being part of a team, the church. Teach us to be fruitful, to multiply.


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