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I.M. Exasperated 12 Dec 2020

I am never irritated or agitated. I would be a liar to tell you such a statement. Rather the opposite is true. There is not a day without some irritation in my life.

So What?

Usually it is a sign that some relatively small issue makes me feel bad. Perhaps I am in a hurry and the traffic does not move fast. At the age of 65, I smile. Thirty years back I might have gotten angry. Small unimportant matters should not spoil my good mood. I also learned over time that when traffic hindered me, often the actual problem was that I left too late from home for my appointment.
Another pleasant response is to ask for help. When I forget the name of a person, I ask Millet. When both us can't remember we compete and make attempts, calling out names that are close. Often together we find the solution.


Father God, help me to name the proper reasons for my exasperations. And please change my frowns into smiles.


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