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I.M. Evasive 11 Dec 2020

I try to avoid something. Each of us has likes and dislikes. Avoiding to communicate or take responsibility causes trouble.


If there is a 'why', a reason, I better learn to be aware of my pride, fear or shame. Yes there may be other reasons. But those three are very common reasons for evasive behaviour. I should admit the truth. I can speak it out loud:
I am ashamed that I did not finish my homework.
I am afraid of being scolded for not having finished my task.
I am too proud to perform this cleaning task.

My Options

1. I can ignore the truth and just continue being evasive. It does not feel good.
2. I can admit that I am lazy, proud or ashamed. I still may stand my ground and refuse to act. But I am more honest and transparent.
3. I can admit my failure and try to take responsibility. It is even possible to ask for help.


Father God, please teach me about things I evade. Help me to admit my shortcomings and to listen to my own words. I pray for healing from the hurt which I cause and have caused in my own life.


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