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I.M. Engaged 7 Dec 2020

Actually I am married. That is a greater commitment than engagement. The lucky one (I hope) married to me is Millet. She knows what commitment is. It takes courage and by times hardships. The fruit is stability.


Strange enough, with Mary the mother of Jesus, there is only engagement and not a marriage in the scripture.
Engagement is a step towards a more definitive commitment.
When I am only interested in something, that seldom produces a fruitful result.


Being interested in Christ does not produce fruits. God is interested in those who hear his word and do it. When I am a 'Sunday Christian' it may not be good enough. I am called to actively participate in the Christian life, with as purpose to build up the body of Christ, the community of believers. And they are called to spread the good news.


Today I pray for shepherds who lead the believers from engagement towards commitment and doing the will of God. I ask God to call and equip leaders to engage themselves in maturing the faithful into God's mission.


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