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I.M. Encouraged 6 Dec 2020

We all like to hear a friendly word. Once in a while we need some encouragement or appreciation.
A second purpose of encouragement is to support someone who struggles with learning. The gift (of the Holy Spirit) of encouragement may thus relate to coaching. And being honest, I have never or very seldom seen spirit-induced encouragement relating to a learning process.

Life Phases

Babies need and get encouragement with learning to walk.
When I would ask older people if they like and need encouragement, I expect that many will say, "Yes".
Teenagers however, although in need for encouragement, may seldom get it. The problem could be that parents are more inclined to discourage than to encourage. Their children may be rebellious and abuse freedom.

My Need

Do I want or need encouragement? There are some areas in my life where I would appreciate support. Someone who listens to my struggle. Who stimulates me to sort out things that need solutions, or where I regularly cause trouble.
Especially where I procrastinate with such items. Perhaps it is better to try and make faults than to do nothing.


Father God, you look for doers of your word. Make me a doer of all what you instruct. I say a thank you, for the things I already was able to do. Help me to open up for coaching. I ask that your light may shine on and through me.


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