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I.M. Enchanted 5 Dec 2020

Some "witch" has cast a spell on me and it affects my life.
First you may ask: 'Is it a joke?' But no. I am serious. Words hurt and do have power.


William, you do look ugly! And a little boy believed it.
William, I hate you! Surely it did cast some worry on me. I was concerned what the next unfriendly words would be.
Wiliam, you will be rich. It is true, I have never lacked any finances. And especially when I am in the Philippines, I feel very rich.
William, you are called to be a missionary. Actually this last word was addressed at my baptism on a card. I still can read it.

All those words have been spoken about my life. And they have affected me.

Breaking the Spell

I need to discern. Is it true? Is it the will of God? Are there conditions?
If I believe it, it is more likely that it will affect my life. If I do not reject the word actively it may continue to affect me. It is in my memory.
If I discern that is simply not true, I can drop the 'spell'.
I can break a claim, by claiming the opposite or by asking God to break the curse.

If possible, I recommend, go back to the 'witch' and confront him or her with the negative effects of his or her words. And sort out what can be done. If someone is mean to me, I can ask him or her to stop the bad talk.

On the positive side: with good words I need to cooperate with the grace. The same is true for bad words. I do not need to 'undergo'/cooperate with the bad words.


Father God, help me to deal with words spoken to me. I ask you to brake the 'spell' of unreasonably spoken words. I also ask you for strength and wisdom how to respond to prophetic (god-originated) words spoken to me.


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