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I.M. Empty 4 Dec 2020

When I am full, nothing new can be added. Thus being empty has a potential for a fresh load of good things.
The disadvantage is that with being empty I have nothing to give. Thus the question is how to get loaded with good things to distribute to the world around. Yes, I look for purpose.


If my purpose is just to survive, I am very empty. Perhaps I am dead. There is nothing that gives me joy and freedom.
I like to live for a purpose. I desire to be a blessing to others around. And I like to be blessed by others as well. I need the love and friendship of other people.


I like to use my god-given talents for a god-destined plan. I like to fly. A plane needs fuel. A life needs a purpose, perhaps being part of a greater plan. I believe that the church (and certainly the Kingdom of God) is supposed to be a place of fullness, overflowing with God's joy towards this world.


Father God, I pray for the church, the body of Christ. Do not allow it to be a place of emptiness. Renew it, so that your abundant joy may flow from it. Fill me and many with your good gifts for a multitude of needy ones in this world.


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