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I.M. Emotional 2 Dec 2020

Not many like to be displayed as cold and emotionless. Especially men may struggle with showing emotions. And when we do, they explode. Actually emotional could just mean moved, affected, warm.


Some emotions like fear, anger, jealousy and disappointment may erupt by a trigger event. Disappointment may turn me 'off' into quietness. Anger and jealousy may open my mind for unfriendly thoughts and my mouth for bad words.

Miracle Smile

A very simple thing which helps me is smiling. Not just facing on the painful things. It is believing that the situation just can't be as bad as my first thought. I relax.
Almost always when time passes I can smile more about my 'emotional' responses. Things are always better than my first thoughts. Guess that my bad thoughts come from small devils which I have allowed in my heart. They can't stand smiles.


My prayer is for a steadfast joyful heart and for the courage to accept my imperfections so that I can face them with care and love. God, protect me from indifference for others and towards my emotions.


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