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I.M. Embittered 1 Dec 2020

Surely I will deny there is bitterness in my heart. Not me.
Bitterness may be unprocessed anger. I settled with my anger and disappointment. And I can't forget it.
What comes in place is mistrust against certain persons. And furthermore, till eternity I will avoid to talk about certain issues with the involved persons. It is first of all me myself who suffers from the bitterness. I have chosen to avoid various things.

Recovering from Bitterness

I turned 'bitterness' into a habit. A deep mistrust. Sometimes a hidden mistrust.
1. I need to admit that I avoid certain things because actually I have a grief and perhaps fear.
2. If I have been denied kindness, understanding or attention, I do forgive. It is about my hurt ego!
3. I choose to respect persons who have disappointed me. They still have value. I consider their good qualities.
4. I seek creativity in re-connecting to those who have hurt me.
5. I realize that I need patience, preparation and courage to re-establish a healthy relationship.
6. I do not like bitterness in my heart.


Lord God, Jesus, please heal my bitterness. It hurts. I ask for your Spirit of joy. Please teach me loving my enemy, those who have hurt me, whatever name he or she has.


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