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PSALM 35 - Accusing Voices 6 Dec 2019

Yes, David had enemies on earth. King Saul and at least one of his sons. But in other bible books David did never speak with contempt about them. Who are those enemies that seek the downfall and death of David?

In vs 13 David says he cared for some who are now false witnesses."When they were ill ..."

Bad Thoughts

Gossiping is not what I am interested in today. Perhaps gossip about me. But I hear such seldom.

David speaks about strangers who attack him (vs 15).

In the flesh or spirits?

I do not know exactly if David speaks about real world persons or bad spirits who speak in his mind. But I know this: David brings all those influencers before God's throne. He asks God to judge over them. And to come to his rescue. He resists the bad voices and seeks the help of his God.

As usual David ends with praising his God. His mind has found peace.

Psalm 34

1 [Of David]
Accuse my accusers, Yahweh, attack my attackers.
2 Grasp your buckler and shield, up, and help me.
3 Brandish spear and pike to confront my pursuers,
give me the assurance, 'I am your Saviour.'
4 Shame and humiliation on those who are out to kill me!
Defeat and repulse in dismay on those who plot my downfall.
5 May they be like chaff before the wind,
with the angel of Yahweh to chase them.
6 May their way be dark and slippery,
with the angel of Yahweh to hound them.
7 Unprovoked they laid their snare for me,
unprovoked dug a trap to kill me.
8 Ruin comes upon them unawares;
the snare they have laid will catch them,
and into their own trap they will fall.
9 Then I shall delight in Yahweh,
rejoice that he has saved me.
10 My very bones will all exclaim, Yahweh,
who can compare with you in rescuing the poor from the oppressor;
the needy from the exploiter?
11 False witnesses come forward against me
asking me questions I cannot answer,
they cross-examine me,
12 repay my kindness with cruelty,
make my life barren.
13 But I, when they were ill, had worn sackcloth,
and mortified myself with fasting,
praying ever anew in my heart,
14 as if for a friend or brother;
I had wandered restless,
as if mourning a mother,
so bowed had I been in sorrow. 15 When I stumble they gather in glee,
gather around me;
strangers I never even knew tear me apart incessantly.
16 If I fall they surround me,
grinding their teeth at me.
17 How much longer, Lord, will you look on?
Rescue me from their onslaughts,
from young lions rescue the one life that I have.
18 I will give you thanks in the great assembly
praise you where the people gather.
19 Let not my lying enemies gloat over me;
those who hate me unprovoked look askance at me.
20 They have no greeting of peace to the peace-loving people of the land;
they think up deceptive speeches.
21 Their mouths wide open to accuse me,
they say, 'Come on now, we saw you.' 22 You saw it, Yahweh, do not stay silent;
Lord, do not stand aloof from me.
23 Up, awake, to my defence,
my God and my Lord, to my cause.
24 In your saving justice give judgement for me,
Yahweh my God, and do not let them gloat over me.
25 Do not let them think, 'Just as we hoped,'
nor, 'Now we have swallowed him up.'
26 Shame and dismay on them all who gloat over my misfortunes.
Let all who profit at my expense be covered with shame and disgrace.
27 But let all who delight in my uprightness
shout for joy and gladness;
let them constantly say,
'Great is Yahweh, who delights to see his servant in peace.' 28 And my tongue shall recount your saving justice,
all day long sing your praise.

Excerpt from THE NEW JERUSALEM BIBLE, copyright (c) 1985 by
Darton, Longman & Todd, Ltd. and Doubleday, a division
of Penguin Random House, Inc. Reprinted by Permission.

Spirits tearing us down

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