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War 8 Dec 2018

In the past days I watched 7 documentaries on the 80 years war the Netherlands waged against the Spanish nation. I was reminded to some wisdom.

Before I forget: I am interested in war, because the Kingdom of God requires organized effort.

War is expensive

A war needs an army and the army needs to be paid. If the soldiers have no food, they will plunder the local population.

Someone needs to pay for the war. And the money needs to be collected, taxed or earned in some way.

War needs a political and military consensus.

If the government does not pay the army, the army will not march. If the army does not believe they can win the war, they will not march either.

banner for His plan

A banner for Christian battle.

Siege of City

The Dutch general(s) studied war. They co-operated with scientists for knowledge. They planned and organized the operation.

Something I frequently forget: they did not just threaten the city with canons, they also defended their back against attacks of the enemy.

Some lessons for me

  1. Set a target
  2. Talk with authorities to seek consensus
  3. Be prepared for enemy attack (opposition, negative arguments, lies)
  4. Seek partners for negotiation, planning, knowledge
  5. Plan needed finances and resources
  6. For larger project: care for propaganda. Information, Songs, Interviews.
  7. Bigger projects may need regular adjustments of plans

Do I want War?

Yes, I do. I want to fight for the coming of the Kingdom of God.

And there are certainly enemies where I need to guard myself.

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