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Value 14 Dec 2018

A story about money

Today I talked with a hard working friend with a good job. He is about fifty years in age. He feels that he can make no more growth in his present job and seeks another job. He complains about his employer.

I asked him: What is important in your life? The answer was: Money. I asked again the same question and got the same answer. Although he added that he needed the money for his children's education. I tried once more (I can not remember the conversation exact): What else is important in your life? It is hard to believe but once again his answer was: money.

I asked him: So money is your main value. This time he denied. I smiled.

A Euro Coin

An innocent Euro.

Some typical values

Asia and Europe differ somewhat. For Asia power and honor rank very high. For Europe truth ranks very high.

All of those values: power, pride and truth can hurt other people a lot.

I fail to see what I value myself

The little story above speaks about a person who was hardly able to recognize his actual value. He could name it, but not accept that security and money had become top values in his life.

In my case performing may rank very high on my value list. Other people around me recognize it. I myself hardly observe or believe it.

I know some of the reasons why I strive for performing. My father was never satisfied with my performance. And I still strive for my father's acceptance. I still live in fear that my boss is not satisfied with my work.

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