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Suitable 16 Dec 2018

What hat suits a person

For me suitable is what I feel confident with. Usually I do not wear a hat. With increasing age baldness finds its way with my head. So I need to protect my head against the sun.
I am not used to wearing hats. And I have to find out what kind of hat suits me.

A good fit

Not every hat suits a person.

What suits my life

When God had created man he looked for a suitable helper for Adam. Only a being as bone of my bones suited Adam. God made Eva of one of Adam's ribs.

What kind of friend or helper I would look for? I guess, someone like myself. I look for a person who can understand me, a person who can relate to me.

The wild animals and the birds of the air did not suit to Adam.

In life, like with the hats, I have to search what suits me. Frequently I do not have great answers. I ask God for the grace to accept the normal life and enjoy that day by day.

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