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Serious? 12 Dec 2018

The end of the year approaches. And I am getting not younger. I have some dreams. I may have some values. How serious am I about my values and dreams?

do I take myself serious

How serious am I about myself?

Be specific

I just name some issues without being too serious.
About my values:
- God as number one
- Care for family and community
- Honesty

About my dreams:
- Build community
- Seek a way that many people can find the way to the eternal life
- I like to learn to work in effective teams
- I like to play my keyboard better (music)
- I like to compose some songs

And ... how serious am I?

I will try to answer somewhat more serious:

  • When God is my number one, I should perhaps take two times in a day to focus for 30 minutes on Him. Averagely I make perhaps 45 minutes. However being honest: it leads seldom to specific actions.
  • Care for people. Perhaps less than two hours in a week I take time to care for a person around. The quality of my relationships hardly grows and actually I am a bit fearful to press on good communication.
  • Honesty: usually my honesty more hurts people than that it helps people. I would like to choose love above honesty. And I learn little by very little.
  • Community: I speak, write, study. I am still fearful to really make my life available to others.
  • Evangelization: I am hardly making direct effort.
  • Teamwork: I study, I talk about the subject. I am missing serious actions to find a project.
  • Keyboard: I postpone taking lessons. I do not practice systematic.
  • Composing: I try to sing spontaneous texts (prayer) while I play a familiar tune or improvisation on my keyboard. I do not seek seriously for a school.

To sum it up

I am not too effective in implementing what I value and what I dream about. Nevertheless I am consistent in my desire over a long time.

I would like to seek help in the process. Some coaches or people from whom I can learn. Although I like and I am open, I miss serious actions.

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