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Security 29 Dec 2018

Poverty and Security

Does security in a city relate to poverty?
That question came to my mind when I compared Manila and Taipei to Eindhoven where I live.

Cities attract the poor

Many people living in poor rural areas move to big cities with the aim to find there a reasonable income. In some Asian cities a 10% of the people lives on the streets with little or not enough income. When they need food for their family and no-one cares for them they have little other option then robbing from others.

Considering this, it makes sense that such cities are not too safe. There are many needy people.

We need to protect ourselves


From hearing from other people, Taipei was 40 years ago a lot more unsafe than presently. In those 40 years the wealth in the city has increased. And it seems that with the increased wealth the security in the city has increased greatly.


As Dutch inhabitants of Eindhoven, we do not realise how secure our city is. We do not realise what sense of well-feeling it brings to many foreigners who like to work and live here.

Friends from Brazil explain that their children can go to school on a bicycle and they enjoy their freedom here. In Brazil that would be pretty unsafe and not possible.

Near or in Eindhoven you can walk safely in the forest or in a park. In many places in the world people seldom can enjoy some green nature.

No wonder many foreigners like to work and live in Eindhoven!

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