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Propaganda 7 Dec 2018

Propaganda is used in times of war. Propaganda may hold truth but can also hold lies.

Purpose of Propaganda

  • To discourage the enemy.
  • To encourage the allies
  • To generate cooperativeness
  • To inform people about strategy
  • To unite people into a common thinking
  • To call people to join forces

Without propaganda you can not maintain a war. When peoples lives are at stake, they require information.

influencing others

A Japanese war banner.

Modern propaganda

Internet, TV, Radio and printed press come to mind. We know the capabilities of the modern mass-media.

The art of Propaganda

Propaganda should stick to the mind. Over the ages art has been very helpful for this purpose.

  • Songs
  • Poetry
  • Images
  • Banners, Flags, Symbols

Effectiveness of propaganda

I believe that propaganda is only effective when there is response in large groups of people.

Is Catholic Propaganda Effective?

I am missing that Catholic and Christian propaganda calls to action for a good purpose.

There is no enemy. Christian propaganda at e.g. Facebook is self-centered. There is hardly a call to conversion.

I would hope for a good reason to battle. To make serious effort for the kingdom of God. That requires renunciation of the kingdom of this world.

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