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No Answer 11 Dec 2018

It happens regularly that I am asked questions that I do not answer. Even sometimes when I would know an answer.

I expect that my behaviour may be annoying for the one asking the question.

asked a question

I am not always answering questions asked to me.


1. It is true that some questions do not require an answer. Nevertheless there may be a non-verbal response.

2. Sometimes I do not know the answer. In those cases I still could respond kindly that I do not know an answer.

3. There are also cases where I am afraid to answer. My answer may have consequences that I fear.

4. I may be too busy and unwilling to focus on an interruption.

5. By times I am confused if I did understood the question well enough. And I may lack skill to ask kindly for clarification.

Lack of communication skills

I really would be interested in some coaching and perhaps role plays on dealing with answering of questions.

It does not need to be complex. I want to show more respect to people around.

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