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Isaac 4 Dec 2018

Genesis 25-27 Esau and Jacob

Where do the fights on earth find their root? This twin already quarreled before their birth. Their mother Rebekah had a hard time even before the delivery.

Most of their life Esau and Jacob fought. They were of very different character. Esau was more loved by the father. Jacob was more loved by the mother.

The twins

The twins already quarreled before their birth.

Fighting or waiting for a promise?

God had told the mother, the younger shall rule over the older.

The older one had sold his birthright to the younger.

Still Jacob and Rebekah cheated Isaac and Esau.

And thus Jacob became a life long afraid for his brother Esau.

How did I treat my brother and sister?

Where did I fail to treat my close family fair?
It may have lifelong consequences.

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