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Enemy 10 Dec 2018

First a few words about my personal enemies. Later about enemies working on a larger scale. To hate enemies helps little. Strange enough we have to treat them with respect and care. Otherwise they will remain enemies forever.

Do I have enemies?

Who would hate me? Who would like to kill me or rob something from me?

Enemies do not show themselves always. We may not know them. We may not be aware of them.

If I consider everything that works against some good in my life as an enemy, then that may clarify somewhat. I want to know what hinders my progress.


that what attacks me

I am my own number 1 enemy.

I really dislike to change what I am. I am proud. I am lazy. I am afraid. I am ignorant (unknowing).
And I really find it hard to change, even if I want to love my neighbour ... I am clumsy.
There is however a deep desire to become more loving and more effective to grow in unity with well willing people around.

TWO: The little inner voices

I am familiar with unfriendly thoughts about people around.

Over the years I have learned to pray blessing for the people who trouble me.

And over the years, little by little, the quiet voices change: that person is doing well; it works what he is doing; he or she is good.

THREE: People who oppose me

Unfortunately I try to ignore them.

I feel too annoyed to communicate with them. I avoid them.

And I really need to learn to ask them and God forgiveness.

Usually they have much more wisdom and rights than I am willing to admit. I can learn from them. I should thank God for them.

FOUR: The world

I am exposed to the patterns and thinking of this world. And it is regularly not compatible with my values.

I am a part of this world and I am not better than any other in this world.

I pray for blessing for this world. With all its pain and troubles. I also suffer from this world. God loves all people. When I hate the world I can not love the people.

I desire the coming of the Kingdom of God. I seek for little steps towards the goal. I want to be a blessing in this world. Usually I am not.

FIVE: Satan

Should I hate or love? I am not made for hating. Therefore I have to resist him.

I need to admit that he works in my life, and usually not for my good.

Perhaps I can learn to smile about his dirty tricks. I believe he works best at times when I am tired, lazy or not awake. Be vigilant!

As much as as possible I should fill my life with good works. I really want to grow in this area. And I like help and support to improve my servant-hood.

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