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Echo 20 Dec 2018

Communication is sometimes like an echo

With communicating it may happen that I hear as answer only something like the echo of my own words.

That may have various reasons. But usually it does not feel like I am connected to the party(s) I communicate to.

Sometimes I hear hear only some echo of my own thoughts.

The listener remains silent.

I am certainly not connected. When trying to communicate I stay with my own thinking (the echo). I might be fixed only on what I want.

I may have little attention or respect for the listener. The listener may feel hurt by me.

Perhaps I can tell the listener that I value him or her.

What does the echo of my own voice tell me?

Perhaps I am too loud or overwhelming.

Perhaps I am disappointed with the listener and I repeat my last message.

Perhaps I am not quiet enough to listen to the answer.

Perhaps the other one is afraid of me.

When I hear just my own echo:

I am alone.

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