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Competition 5 Dec 2018

Why competition?

From Genesis 2 on you see competition. As a consequence of that some brothers hated the other one. There was deceit, enmity, dead. It may be wondered if such is the consequence of the fall.

As a first response, I feel sad. A loving God had created the world. Why so much envy?

I believe God was wise enough to realise that this would happen. So it must have some purpose.

The twins

Running the race.

Possible purposes for the competition.

  • God may be interested in our response to evil and hurt
  • Because men would not obey directly to God, God caused confusion
  • God wants men to be acquainted with the bad sides of competition and pain
  • To stir up creativity
  • To confuse men
  • To slow down growth

How to respond with more love

  • Believe that there is enough for all
  • Let others go first
  • Give up rights and position
  • Be happy and trust life
  • Care for a few things around

A choice for community

A place where all have value. A place where I can safely die to the self.

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