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Christmas 25 Dec 2018

Christmas day has come. We remember that Jesus Christ was born some 2018 years ago.

Did it change the world?
What could change your world?

Christmas 2018

Our household at Christmas 2018.

My Needs and Dreams

It would be strange if I have no need for some change in my world or life. I realize that the world is not only mine. It is however this world where I live. And by times the world hurts me.

I do have needs, desires and dreams. I am thankful for that. Those things give my life value, meaning and colour.

The Jesus I know understands me.

Jesus can relate to my problems. He has experienced Himself the hardships of this world.

And this Jesus, who knows and understands me, comes with good news.

Mark 1:15 The Good News

The Kingdom of God is near.
Believe the good news and repent.

I invite you to believe in a meaningful life with God and to adjust your life to enter new life.

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