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Chaos 22 Dec 2018


Chaos is a very natural thing. In science there is a lot of theory on random data. In Physics there is a law of loosely said: maximum chaos.

Human meetings

Not surprisingly when groups of people meet, there is at least a degree of chaos. It begins with the noise when all people talk at the same time. Sometimes you wonder if anyone is listening.

Some chaotic images,

Some images of chaos.


Having experienced chaos for a while, I feel the desire to be at a quiet place. To let all my thoughts come to a rest.

It is not easy. The unfinished thoughts coming from the chaos still chase me. In my mind thoughts of answers that I should have given stir up. Actually perhaps to outsmart someone else. Or to bring other persons to shame. Frequently my thoughts are not loving or kind.


I would hope that the bad thoughts would leave me after a while. They don't. The chaos follows me. And I contribute to the chaos. Even in a quiet place. And in the quietness I may even feel more hurt.

Self Pity

Time to smile. I am not just chaos.

When I realize that I create chaos, when I see that my responses are not very helpful, then I need to accept my humanity.

Perhaps it is time to turn over my burdens to Jesus and to take up the cross of my daily life.

Usually ordinary work helps a lot to forget the chaos.

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