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Barren 1 Dec 2018

Genesis 15: Sara was Barren.

And this caused much pain for Abram and Sarai.
Nevertheless God promised them a future and a child.

Some barren rock from Mars

This picture is barren rock from Mars. No life.

How do I deal with barrenness and unfulfilled expectations in my life?

Many strong people look for human solutions. So did Abram and Sarai.
Hagar was a victim of the unbelief and impatience of her master.

God had patience with All

Hagar bore a child to Abram. But Ismael was not the heir God was looking for. Nevertheless he promised that Ismael would be the father of various people.

Finally and sometimes not Finally

Only after Abram's circumcision and almost a decade, Sarai conceived Isaac.

Now quite some married women still remain barren. The why and and the disappointments are often hard to bear.

God's promises

I hope that you and I can discern God's promises and trust them. While waiting for the fulfillment we can:
- Ask God if there are conditions on which the promises depends
- Ask God for guidance what to do.
- Pray at least until you have assurance that God will grant your request.

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