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Asymmetrical 19 Dec 2018

Speaks about two unequal parts. With symmetry, the parts are equal when mirrored

When two parts have too much difference there is an unbalance.

The human eye likes symmetry. In relationships, too much asymmetry causes difficulties.

unequal left and right

Asymmetrical means that two parts are unequal.

Asymmetrical Relationship

There are quite some: Parent vs Child, Master vs Slave, God vs Human

In those cases, the relationship is not intended to be equal. But even here over a longer time with maturing relationship, the differences should become smaller.

Difficulties with asymmetric relationships

It easily can happen that:

  • one of the parties does not feel understood.
  • one of the parties feels unworthy
  • one of the parties frustrates the other one.

We should grow in God's likeness

The children of God should imitate God, otherwise they will never come in a balanced relationship with God.

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