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Alms 17 Dec 2018

The word Almsgiving has a Greek origin. It is about showing mercy or having pity. Almsgiving honors God.

not giving

It is also an option not to give.

My first choice

Is what you see in the picture above. I find it easy to say no. Although it does not feel good.

It is not just about money

I find it hard:

  • to be patient when people come on my path and I have to wait for them.
  • to listen patiently to the requests of people to me.
  • to be kind to people who have disappointed me.
  • to be generous and that perhaps even to be generous to myself.
  • to be kind to people whom I can not hear well enough.
  • to make friends.

The Joy of Jesus

My failure to show mercy may hinder the love of Jesus in my heart.

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