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Abuse 23 Dec 2018


Abuse has a sister. The sister's name is Manipulation. All those who manipulate other persons are potential abusers. Perhaps even manipulation is already abusive.

Manipulation may be: using a person in a disorderly way for a bad or EVEN a good purpose. Frequently manipulation works on a character weakness of the victim. It uses calculated responses of humans. And therefore it takes some of a persons freedom.

Little by little the victim may come to realize that he has been tricked.

The manipulative attitude makes space for worse

The manipulator may think about him or herself as smart and effective. And a conclusion can be that the manipulative behaviour is justifiable.

In such thinking the abuser is born. I can do it. No-one will know about it.

Abuse is happening as soon as persons get hurt or damaged from the actions.


Am I manipulative?

Yes, I am by times. I am human. I like quick results. And in such moments I forget the value of the person whom I address.
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