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3D Other Dimensions 15 Dec 2018

Another drawing program

There are various nice programs to process images or make drawings. Once in a while I try a different program to see some new possibilities.

In the past days I played a bit with Microsoft Paint 3D. The program provides some free drawing models. I am not good in drawing objects myself. Therefore I need to find objects that are freely available for my pictures on the website.

An image from various viewpoints

The same images seem from 3 different viewpoints.

3D has a dimension more than 2D

With the painting program I can rotate the objects. In the image above you can see the same man and woman in three different positions. You can see them from different points of view.

Other Point of View

It is similar with people in real life. Sometimes it is helpful to see persons from different perspective or from a different side.

When I am annoyed with a person, I only can see his bad side.

Most likely that is not his most beautiful side.

It would be nice if I could, like with the 3D paint program, push some buttons and see some nicer view.

Some buttons to turn could be:

  • When I am angry with a person: I can pray that God may bless that person or I may wish him well in my mind.
  • Especially when I am hurt by a person, I can forgive him/her.
  • If the person is precious to me: I try to be thankful for all the good he or she did to me.
  • If it is a child, I may consider his or her value and potential.
  • If a person has made a mistake or broke a rule: regularly I myself miss the mark in the process of learning to do new things.
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