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175 3 Dec 2018

Gen 25 Abraham got 175 years old.

I am just 63 years old. And I am wondering what will happen with the rest of my life.

My father only got 77 years old and not in a good health. So the question comes to me: what will happen with me in the coming years?

The good age of 175

Abraham dies at the impressive age of 175 years old.

Option 1: live in fear and retire for a quiet life.

Humanly spoken I should perhaps face my retirement and enjoy. Live quietly and do not take much risks. Stay in the neighbourhood of a hospital and doctors.

It feels if I am almost dead.

Option 2: live a wild life and enjoy as much as I can.

I am sure I am able to start a few new things and thus try to prove my strength.

Option 3: pray and try to figure out what God wants me to do.

Actually this is the option I do prefer. I am willing to do what good works God brings on my path.

I am not that good in discerning God's will. But I have simply entrusted my life to Him. And I do trust the years that will come. I am his child.

My desire is to do all things as much as possible in unity with Millet. And I thank God for what he is doing in our midst.

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