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Relationship With God Aug 28, 2022

My writing yesterday was triggered by thoughts on the relationship with God. Now the hands (see picture) express my desire and at the mirror side, there is God's desire. Perhaps he begs me as much as I do beg Him. That is a relationship of equality. We are made children of God.
I am not Jesus. I am not God. On the other end, God is not me. God is not just Jesus. Each of us has an identity. Something unique and special.


Am I nourishing God? Do I constantly bring Him offerings? I mirror the question. Is God continuously feeding me? I hope not. For my capacity to eat is limited. My capacity to learn is limited.
Let me repeat what God says: "Men does not live from bread alone." And mirrored, I can not please God with continuously offering, begging or receiving things. That is not life.


First a silly question. Can I redeem God? I can not set free any of God's power, skills or talents. That is not my task. My task is to love God and my neighbours like myself. God may ask me - I am trying to express - to set my fellow brothers and sisters free. To redeem their life and talents. It requires that I am willing to accept others as my brothers and sisters. I am supposed to build them up. To be or become children of a loving father. I am supposed to share my life with them.

And then ... I am truly free. I am truly redeemed. I can be who I was destined to be.
I assume such a condition would as well redeem God from one or two burdens.


Does God disappoint me by times? Yes, He does frequently. I continuously expect miracles. Would I disappoint God? I guess so. For He on His turn expects miracles from me.


There is way out. I need to die. The old man in me needs to die. He is useless in the shadow of Jesus. Jesus wants me to be reborn in his Spirit. He desires me to do what is impossible for a mere man. To be a child of a loving father.


Jesus, I can't remember the old man in me. In You, I am already a new creation.

Self Evaluation

I wanted to prove the humanity of a relationship with God. Then I realized, when I want God to be god, He might want me to be a god as well. Or at least, to be like Him. We are a team.

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