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Relationship Aug 27, 2022

I do need relationships. A relationship could be marriage, friendship, a work relationship, a team to work in or a relationship with God. What would those relationships have in common?
In my opinion good relationships should be both nourishing and redeeming. And unfortunately, sooner or later, any relationship will raise up some irritations and disappointments. When I am trustworthy, I will face those and not run away.


A relationship should feed one or more needs of me. It should provide maintenance for life. If not, I or something in me will die.


A healthy relationship will set free good things in me. It will call forth love, usage and growth of my talents. In other words, the relationship should produce new life.


Normal relationships call forth conflict. If not, then it hardly can be redeeming. I need to be challenged to get some things done in fresh and different ways.
I can be defensive and avoiding the conflict. Both will kill trust and productivity.


When I want to live and flourish, and let my relationships survive, I need courage. I need to connect and re-connect. I need to give up a few things hindering our progress. In such a way I can become flexible and productive. That is a needed basis for mutual and lasting trust.


Jesus, I want to relate and trust. Guide me in participating in productive teams and relationships.

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