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Life's Puzzle Aug 21, 2022

By times, life may feel like a puzzle. I do not know how to proceed to the next step.
Now I like to solve sudokus. Of course I could solve the puzzle with a computer program. It is quick and fast. But I do not enjoy that. It is a puzzle. Quite frequent I don't find the solution in a straight forward way. And I get stuck. In some cases I made a fault which spoiled the puzzle. For the other cases, I found an important reason for my struggle to solve it in a reasonable time.
Usually I failed to see a very obvious item. Frequently I could have seen it even in the early phases of solving the Sudoku. The solution step had been there from the beginning. And right before my eyes. I just overlooked it.

Life's Solutions

Usually when I have a problem, the solution is as well near. If not, I would just face a dream or an impossible wish. Good solutions for problems are near, simple and doable.
Unfortunately, often I am blind, stubborn or too proud to take a simple and good solution. And this includes procrastination. Actually I know what to do. I refuse to do it now.


Jesus, I thank you for my life. Help me to make myself proud with doing the simple doable things. For that will solve many of my life's puzzles.

Self Evaluation

I like the idea and concept I wrote about. I like the creativity. I like the picture. I like this 'self-evaluation' section.
I am not sure who my intended readers are. I am a bit playful, missing opportunity to connect to my reader or to connect my effort into something bigger. And that is not always required.


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