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I.M. Possessed 30 Aug 2021

To possess sounds pretty much greedy. Just see the difference:
"Millet loves me" versus "Millet possesses me".
For I have entrusted my life to her, she certainly has some right on my life.

Let me replace Millet by God: "God loves me" vs. "God possesses me". For I have entrusted my life to God even before I married Millet.
Would God ever say: "William, I possess you and now you are my slave?"

Thus when I feel possessed by something, perhaps it is not an expression of the love of God. Love drives out all fear. Fear is often expressed in the form "I should" or "I must". I am under a not loving force.
It is not about advocating laziness. It is healthy to be responsible. It is not healthy to be enslaved. Not by a boss, not by another person and not by myself.


Father God, show me what is good about myself.

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