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I.M. Poor 28 Aug 2021

The world might be divided into poor and rich people. That sounds easy. Certainly there is no sharp narrow boundary between the two groups.
It would not be my desire to become financially rich. On the other end, I would be somewhat afraid of becoming poor.

Becoming Poor

What would be some advantages of becoming poor?
There are fewer things I have to worry about.
I may loose some over-weight.
I may no more be able to maintain some addiction.
I may have more time for things that matter truly.

Yes, there are disadvantages.
It is hard to get good health care.
It may be hard to pay the school fees for my children.
I can't buy all the things I could desire.

Different View

I am concerned that the fear of becoming poor, separates me from God, my fellow people and even from my hearts desires.
Similarly to the biblical saying: "The love for money is the root of all evil.".


Father God, guide me into choosing what really matters in life.

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